To make sure we abide what our Lord Jesus Christ ordered in regard of Children, this ministry was established. Jesus said, "Allow the little children to come to me" There are people who had a calling and vision to reach children and teach them Gods way. Moreover, the ministry has taken this chance of people who brought children to Jesus. However as it is a God's will to minister and bless them, we are taking this chance to fulfill his will.

This ministry was established after seeing that many fellowship members were coming with their Childs who also needed to be taught Gods word.

We all Christians know that our great enemy Satan is going around to see if he will kidnap Christianís children and through these Childs he is trying to see if can frustrate the faith of their parents and bring shame to the church.

For a simple reason it came to our attention that children could not learn properly what they parents are learning at their meetings. Thus, members of the fellowship suggested that another ministry to help children be established, to teach and keep their children at the time elders meeting are being conducted. Moreover, another simple reason was that it is also important to make sure that we teach Christian children to be disciple of Jesus and get saved. It is important to teach them all about our lord and savior Jesus Christ and why do they too need salvation (Proverbs 22:6). Teachers in this sensitive ministry are only mere fellowship members who felt the calling of keeping and teaching children. Apart of being called teachers have also been attending seminars and trainings of how to teach and care Christian children.

Children are taught how to praise, worship, pray and they learn the word of God. This happens when parents are in their respective assembly. At the end of the training session, teachers are joining other fellowship members to get the Sunday sermon, while children are getting chance to go out to the field to play football, learning how to draw, others are learning to play keyboard and some are playing with dolls. All this are being done under the care of the parents themselves. Parents from each cell have the schedule of taking care of children when they play every Sunday.

As foresaid, every cell is scheduled to take care of the children and play with them while others are in meeting. Here parents are involved to see that they check the security of all children and play with them. However, it has helped parents to learn how to assist children when they get into problems. Remember assistance offered includes prayers and passion.

Surprisingly, many of the children who attend children classes have shown great improvement and good progress. They love it.

It is in our vision that in feature we will have good Christian children opted to obey God. Parents will learn, but children will learn too.

We still need more help and your participation to broaden this ministry. You can contribute to us by praying for the ministry and give us good Christian books or things that children can use to play with. We need to see that Christian Children are kept in best discipline.

If you are touched and you feel that you want to contribute for this ministry, please send your contribution through our contacts here.