This is a parent ministry which brings together people who are born again irrespective of denominations, and from all kind of life. They are people who regardless of their religions, have decided to unite and work collectively for the kingdom of God; putting aside their religion boundaries and doctrines. What they believe is that they are members of Christís body and as a result, they are the Church. They sit together, learn together, and work together for the kingdom of God! These fellowship members have determined to learn how the first Church lived and worked together as in Acts 2:44-47. It is important to note; All other Rhema ministries are emerged from fellowship among Gods people and with the Lord through unity Christian fellowship.

There is a leader in every house church or cell, who carries spiritual responsibility of his/her members: He/she teaches the word of God and makes sure that spiritual life of his members goes as required by the word of God. The cell leader teaches the word of God to his/her members, encourages them where needed, shows them the right path, gives them basic teachings on ministry and leadership; he/she keeps spiritual gifts of his cell members functioning. Fellowship members of every cell, assembles at one of the members home at least once a week. They can meet as often as possible depending on the availability of time and what they want to work on. E.g., they can arrange to go to other unsaved people within their area and preach them, or they can arrange to meet for special prayers. Moreover, in other time they meet to comfort the other member who feels sick or has problems. In some cells members meets together for night prayers.

From all cells fellowships in Bukoba area, we gets Unity Christian fellowship which is the body joining all Christians under one single fellowship. These are born again Christians from all cells who comes together at an agreed place (for the time being we meet at Unity Christian fellowship hall stuated at Miembeni area, just close to St Francis hall) to learn Godís word, to pray together, and to minister together for the sake of glorifying the name of our lord Jesus Christ in the town of Bukoba.

Every Sunday afternoon from 1pm to 6pm, about 200 to 300 born again Christian assembles together to minister together and to learn God's word. Members who wants to go to their respective church's morning services can do so.

We have witnessed a lot of blessings through these assemblies as almost average of 5 people are giving life to Jesus Christ every Sunday at these meetings. This has brought Jesus Christís light to many in this town.

Moreover, prayers for people who are in needs during fellowship meetings have healed many from bonds and chains of sickness and demons.

The ministry has been conducting different kinds of seminars for Youths, Children, choirs, married couples, widows and widowers to make them stay healthy spiritually.

One of great vision in this ministry now is to train and motivate fellowship members to be ministers in accordance to their callings. For this reason every fellowship member is supposed to be a disciple of Jesus where by after while he/she has to do something to build Godís kingdom in this town of Bukoba, Kagera Region and rest of world making other people be Jesus disciples as written in the book of Mathew 28. Every fellowship member is supposed to use the gift he/she has to build Christís body.

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1Peter 1:22 "Now you can have sincere love for each other as brothers and sisters* because you were cleansed from your sins when you accepted the truth of the Good News. So see to it that you really do love each other intensely with all your hearts.*"