In protest hell itself rose to quench and wipe out the very trace of Gods powerful working in this part of the world. All kinds of destructions, calamities came hand in hand with religious tradition void of life and power. BUT the good news is “… God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn/revoked.” According to Romans 11:29.

Even though hell has opened its ugly mouth to spit venom of destruction in order to overshadow all the good from this place .. The counsel of the Lord will stand regarding the region. God has intended from the very place to open windows of heaven and shower blessings to many. Bukoba will be a town which will glorify God immeasurably in these last days. From this place God will be respected highly in the whole region around, within the country of Tanzania and outside its boarders. Many will be blessed and refreshened. Many will drink from this spring and be encouraged and strengthened Bukoba, Bukoba heed the word of the Lord ... In a moment of anger I turned my face away for a little while. But with everlasting love I will have compassion on you,” says the Lord, your Redeemer.

God has been speaking with the church of Bukoba in the last years about the mighty revival ahead. In the end of the 1990’s God has been dealing with us to prepare for a new thing which is about to do. As God spoke he pointed to the new wine in new wine skins. We believe God is at work in our midst forging new wine skins in our days.

In this respect we were urged on the inside to come together under a ministry which not limited by denomination boundaries. This ministry works with believers irrespective of their denomination background. We are the family of the believers born again by the Holy Ghost, believing in the Lordship of Jesus, taking the word of God in the bible to be our final authority living constantly with the hunger to obey His (Jesus’) word in our daily life.

The ministry started in 1994 when Brother Johannes Kasimbazi got the vision of the Ministry. The intention was to reach and build all people with the word of God building them up in unity in Christ fanning flames of revival without being limited by religious traditions and denominational barriers. The ministry started as a prayer team, interceding for deliverance of town of Bukoba, and peace and welfare of Tanzania. Shortly afterward many new believers joined this ministry and it necessitated teaching on foundational issues and intercession. We have several brothers sharing the same vision with us, they are in Kibaha, Dar es salaam and other parts of Bukoba rural.(Kemondo bay)

As you read these messages on our web site be informed that God is purposing to make you his partner in the great harvest of these last days. Be blessed.

In his Service,

Florence na Johannes Kasimbazi.