The only answer to our problems is JESUS.

When God saw the problems of mankind under the planet earth he had one solution that was sent someone JESUS.

All the problems of poverty

All the problems of enmity

All the problems of sickness

All the problems of calamities

All the problems of sin.

Your solution is JESUS. Born again? You need more of Jesus. Not born an encounter. We cannot offer any other solution that. "I Can go to my church" that wont help until you offer Jesus your life. Break that curse it wont break until they encounter with the true Jesus. Jesus is the end of the curse. The amount he occupies in your life determines how much you are free of the curse.

Yes, there is one eternal everlasting solution!

In the life of Paul, he encountered him on the road to Damascus. He strived to know him since then.

We can not advocate church or movement because only Jesus died for mankind to redeem.